Self-taught product designer with background in Applied Mathematics and Fine Arts. Lead UX/UI designer in many consumer products. Experienced in designing products from the ground up as well as improving on existing products. Read my story β†’


Case Studies


New Onboarding Flow

June 2022 | on Web, iOS & Android
Growth Experimentation Data-driven design Activation Engagement Delivering Value

Fieldlevel is a sport recruiting platform. My team and I redesigned the coach onboarding experience. You will find a lot of data driven design decisions informed by business goals, users data and behavioral analysis. Our new onboarding flow increased engagement by 32% and connection request rate by 110% by introducing the value to Users early on.

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Math Hero

Mobile Product Design (Education) See on Appstore open link icon

Math Solver is a mobile application described as a "camera calculator", which utilizes a phone's camera to recognize mathematical equations and to display the step-by-step solution on screen with video explanations.

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easy fax

Easy Fax

Mobile Product Design See on Appstore open link icon

Easy fax is giving you chance to send & receive faxes from iPhone on the go. No need to use an old-school fax machine or go to a fax office. You can use a built-in scanner or upload files from major cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.

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baby journal

Baby Journal

Mobile Product Design See on Appstore open link icon

Baby Journal is a holistic pregnancy and motherhood app that enables moms to capture, craft, and memorialize the pregnancy and motherhood experience for an intimate audience.

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I Teach Design

design confusion logo

I teach UX/UI Design at Design Confusion, which is integrated storytelling and improv with design thinking to effectively teach UX/UI design to students of all ages πŸ₯³

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Other Work

Typefaces & Related Work ✏️ Typography I love letters and typography. Please check out my typefaces.

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