I am an innovative, engaging, and multilingual Product Designer respected for 10+ years delivering innovative branding, interfaces, and technical solutions to diverse clientele. I have cultivated a reputation as a motivational leader experienced in training and mentoring individuals on the UX/UI design process to optimize their overall performance and maximize quality. With out-of-the-box thinking and a commitment to continuously improving processes, I always ensure deadlines are met and clients are satisfied. Additionally, my exceptional tenure has resulted in a diverse skill set and an upward career trajectory.

Key career achievements include:

Educational Qualifications: Studied Math Engineering in Yildiz Technical University, studied BFA in Nj and completed a post-graduate program in Type Design, Type History, and Typography from Type West.

Product Design: Serving as the Product Lead and bringing the final projects to market.

Branding: Developed eye-catching and visually pleasing package designs at Emirelli, enabling the company to earn distribution deals with 1,000+ stores in the United States and Europe.

UX/UI Expertise:Employed 10 years of personal experience to develop a curriculum encompassing all facets of the UX/UI design process and led a three-month program for adults at Design Confusion.

Key areas of expertise include: Client Management, Front-End Development, Quality Control, Project Management, Application Development, Typography/Brand Design.



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