Story of Type & Coffee

I fall in love with Type and Coffee at the beginning. Typography works with your subconscious, not with your brain or your eye directly. That is one of the effective and silent ways to convey your mission. It holds your idea and doesn’t tell anybody. It just makes them feel whatever you would like to say. I believe type has so much power and components to discover.

Around a thousand chemical compounds have been identified within the humble coffee bean. The beans are unassuming to look at, but their chemical makeup is surprisingly complex. - Lani Kingston - How to Make Coffee

I like things with dept. Coffee plays one of the major roles in my story. The coffee bean is like an ancient and hidden treasure. It keeps almost 800 different tastes and 800 different pleasures in it.

So Coffee and Typography have the same missions in their lives. They hide all this stuff on their own. If someone would like to explore their secret, it takes too much effort. We are the kind of people who make a sacrifice to figure it out. Every little step motivates us to keep going. Eureka Moments take an important place in my design process.


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