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Product Design Case Study
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Customer Problem

Coaches are curious about how Fieldlevel can help with recruiting athletes. While they are setting their account, nothing has immediately piqued their interest that is worth their time. As they don't receive the value quickly and effectively, they leave, which leads their athletes to miss the opportunity of gaining more exposure to play at the next level.

Business Problem

About 55% of coaches who sign up for FieldLevel don't return. While our acquired coaches rate is increasing year over year, our overall active coach growth has remain flat. This leads higher acquisition costs for the new coaches.


As a growth team, we utilized a customized onboarding experience for the coaches to provide coach/athlete recommendations. This gives them the idea that we have real coaches and real athletes in Fieldlevel that they can connect with. We curate the list of recommended athletes/coaches by their location, level, and sport. This allows connecting real coaches or recruiting athletes during their first session.

We also utilized splash screens and introduction slides that show Fieldlevel's main features to grab their attention and educate the users. Now they have more guidance about how they can get help with recruiting on Fieldlevel.

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