Process of my Portfolio

Process (n.) - a series of things that are done to achieve a particular result

I need to tell you about my design journey you to be to understand the context and my problem space. 13 years ago I attended a web design class when I was in middle school. I have been working as a designer since then. I am from Turkey. First I moved to NJ and CA and then Hawaii. if you wonder how far is it, let me tell you. It is right on the edge of the world. Along the way, I gotta work in many different design industries to survive and move on through Silicon Valley and then heaven.


The biggest challenge was how to tell a visual story of my design work, which makes sense. I love all my work but putting them all together increased the cognitive load in my portfolio. I couldn't solve it for a while.

Starting Point

Designing a portfolio homepage many times to figure this out. My structure was not matching with what I want. I want to present all my work together clearly and understandably. It was like trying to solve an equation with many variables.


The mentorship was a game-changer for me. I am a mentor myself but everyone needs mentorship at some point.

The first suggestion was that "Don't start from the Homepage", which was mind-blowing for me. As a designer, I was so emotional about my work. It was a blocker for me to start writing down my process and design decisions.

Pete Hotchkins was one of my main mentors. I am grateful, he kept track of my portfolio progress. The biggest lesson I have learned that commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments. When he said, let's check your case study notes next week, I felt responsible for this. Please find something or someone to commit to to reach your goals.


Now I stopped thinking visually for a moment and started writing down everything that came to my mind as a note. All the research process, ideation, define and visuals, design decisions, critical changes, challenges, etc.

Lessons Learned


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