A good story should change the way you see the world. - Chuck Palahniuk

Story of type & coffee

I fall in love with Type and Coffee at the beginning. Typography works with your subconscious, not with your brain or your eye directly. That is one of the effective and silent ways to convey your mission. It holds your idea and doesnโ€™t tell anybody...

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Play games to become a better designer

A few years ago, my brother and I used to play a snake game called He was good at it. But I struggled to understand how it works. My failure kept me playing. I couldnโ€™t start winning until I realized the dynamics of the game. I will tell you the story of winning the game.

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How I designed my portfolio

The biggest challenge was how to tell a visual story of my design work, which makes sense. I love all my work but putting them all together increased the cognitive load in my portfolio...

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