I studied typedesign at Type West to gain more understanding of the process of designing it and having the power of the typography. Along the way 2 more related projects came to life. Wordcooker and Name Tag Generator.


👀 Panoptikon

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Panoptikon is a sans serif display typeface that comes in 3 styles: bold, regular and italic. The typeface is high-contrast and fun to use for museum exhibitions.


🎩 Plato's Hat

Platoshat is a revival typeface of Caslon. English typefounder who designed the typeface that bears his name.

Process Book

‎‍🍳 Wordcooker

Wordcooker is a random word selector for the people who need a word to sketch for typeface inspiration with ascenders, descenders and oval letters.


🏛️ Type in Museums

I travelled all around USA and visit many art museums to see typography applications in art museums.


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